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Calming ideas for my energetic 5yr old

From the time my daughter get up to the time she goes to bed, she is go go go. There are certain times when I feel she needs to calm down instead of being wild. I do not want to just sit her in front of the tv as I feels she watches enough. Does anyone know of any techniques or maybe even a calming drink/vitamins that’s safe for kids. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

  • Lisa
    Jan 31

    I would track what she has for dinner (or all day) when she starts to be go go go as you say. You may consider cutting out a juice say at dinner for water or milk which have less sugar and can help calm her for bed.

  • Toni
    Jan 31

    I’m with Lisa in tracking food, limiting sugars and juice. One of ours was hyper like that as a baby all the way until we got her adenoids and tonsils removed at the age of 5. Turns out she wasn’t getting any sleep and had sleep apnea. They never picked up on it at the pediatrician’s office, but the ENT doctor pulled out adenoids the size of grapes. Anyway, maybe try limiting tv to a few hours on weekends. We have ours lay on a yoga mat and listen to spa/rain music. Cutting sugary snacks and juice, processed foods made the most difference. The now 10y still minimally struggles with being hyper (only when has watched a lot of tv or had mounds of sugar).

  • Brynne
    Jan 31

    Thank you for the advice. She rarely gets juice but will look into cutting down on sugar. We very rarely watch tv.

  • Jazzbird
    Feb 07

    We have found artificial dyes are a real problem for our 5 yr old. On the rare occasion he gets them (at school or such), he is really hyper. When he needs calming for any reason, I just redirect toward mellow activities, such as sitting and reading books together, going for a walk, playing "I spy," etc.