Can someone recommend cartoons for an 18 months old?

  • Anthony
    Nov 20

    You can’t go wrong with Sesame Street. Also, my 2 year old is big into Disney’s new version of Muppet Babies. We also watch Daniel Tiger. Which I like. But I find it funny people love the show and hate Caillou when Daniel can be just as whiny and annoying sometimes, lol There’s also Super Simple Songs, Pink Fong (Baby Shark, lol). And just various other shows spread across Disney Junior, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Nick Jr.

  • Anonymous
    Nov 20

    @Anthony The difference is Caillou whines All. The. Time. For. NO. Reason!! Lol 😆 And Daniel does not whine all the time. BUT when he does, he and the adults Actually Work to help him identify his emotions, and problem solve for better ways to express himself; much more beneficial for kids. Yes they can be whiny that’s what kids do. But it shouldn’t just be the rule either! That’s the difference Lol

  • Mommy of four
    Nov 20

    Mickey Mouse

  • Heidi
    Nov 20

    Omg!! My kids ages 5 and 3 are obsessed with little baby bum and blippi.

  • Kristen
    Nov 20

    My son loves word party & mother goose club! He’s 10 months. I find those to be very educational and good fun!

  • Gina
    Nov 20

    Micky Mouse Clubhouse, Puppy Dog Pals, PJ Masks, Little Einsteins, Bubble Guppies, Blaze, Paw Patrol, Super Simple Songs and Sesame Street :)

  • Natalie
    Nov 20

    My LO is only 14mo but loves GooGoo GaaGaa (May be too young for an 18mo?), playtime with Al, and Notekins ... sometimes Bubble Guppies too but I think just bc they sing a lot and she loves to dance 😝

  • MsJen
    Nov 21

    Blippi on YouTube. It’s not a cartoon but it’s the only show I can put on and my toddlers will stare at while I can get stuff done around the house

  • Anthony
    Nov 22

    @Anonymous Fair points. I will admit to not watching enough Caillou to know whether or not his behavior is addressed. I do know the little we’ve watched, he hasn’t been any more whiny than other children’s TV characters.

  • Jenn
    Nov 23


  • Amin
    Nov 24

    My 26th months old son has been enjoying watching Pocoyo for the past year. Very educational. Highly recommended. Available in YouTube and Netflix.

  • Lauren
    Nov 24

    Our 2 year old loves Daniel Tiger, Cat in the hat, and Super Why

  • Amy
    Nov 25

    Peppa pig, Daniel tiger, word party

  • Kelcey
    Nov 27

    Doc McStuffins, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol

  • Carrie
    Nov 30

    My daughter is a strange one. She’s obsessed with Tom and Jerry (the old 40’s ones!), Super Mario Brothers Show from the 90s, and old vintage Mickey Mouse (NOT Clubhouse). Very oddball. She still likes Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig, but not as much anymore. Still loves Hey Duggee, though. And Pinkfong. If I hear that “baby shark” thing one more time. The only thing I won’t allow is Caillou. That’s BANNED in this house.

  • Ayra
    Dec 04

    BabyFirstTv is a great channel every show is educational and targets a different learning

  • Vane
    Dec 05

    Twins 11 Months old -> They love Dave and Ava

  • Aimie

    Paw patrol