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Canine He%%!!!

Anyone else out there going through he%% with the canines?? My 16 month old who is usually all smiles and mischief is now a total hot mess!! He wakes in the middle of the night screaming. We give him meds, and then have to bring him to bed with us where he tosses and turns and thrashes about for an hour before he calms enough to at least be still. If I bring him downstairs and set him down, he loses it and starts hitting his head on the floor If someone walks out of the room, he loses it. If we don’t put food or water or whatever it is that he wants in that moment in front of him fast enough, he loses it. If we set him down in his crib, he starts screaming and jumping up and down while hanging on to the rail and ends up smashing his little face into his crib. (We’ve had to install a pool noodle and rail guard just to prevent him from hurting himself too bad, but even still!!) I feel like we’re all hostages in our own home!! I know my older son had a hard time with the canines as well, but I’ve heard that they’re supposed to be easier than the others. He had a hard time with the molars, but nothing like this!! Anyone have any great advice for how to get through the next couple weeks with this??!!

  • anonymous mom
    Oct 10, 2018

    So funny, at first I thought this post had to do with dogs and was feeling confused as I read further until I finally got it😊. The reason for my massive confusion and slowness is that I’m suffering from extreme sleep exhaustion because of what I suspect is the same problem. My daughter is almost 14 months and lately has been a total sleeping nightmare. Every night she goes to bed just fine but within 2 hours she’s crying and needing me or my husband to soothe her (but let’s face it, mostly me). She eventually gets into our bed and proceeds to kick us and twist and turns and acts like she’s learning some wild modern art dance moves or something. Eventually she settles enough to sleep for about one hour before she’s back at it again. Last night she was a terror until 2am. Then she slept soundly till 4:45 and then she was UP and ready for me to be up with her. I was not ready. But I did it...and then of course she slept soundly the whole commute to work while I drove through crap NYC traffic to drop her off at daycare while I went to my job. I have no advice. I am just here to say, I feel you mama!! 🤦‍♀️

  • Andrea
    Oct 10, 2018

    Julie - OMG, it’s absolutely insane, right??!! I thought we were past the worst of the sleep deprivation, but oh no, the baby most definitely had other plans!! He cannot possibly get these teeth in fast enough!! Here’s to hoping we both get some much needed and much deserved sleep VERY soon!!

  • Lulu
    Oct 10, 2018

    Omg I bet that's what's going on with my lo too, she was up at 2 this morning ready to go! And has been so whiney all day, I totally feel you. But nope no advice !

  • Ana
    Oct 24, 2018

    What helps my little one is the nuby teething gel. Takes like a min and she relaxes.