Car seat after accident

I was in a car accident and was rear ended. Luckily I didn’t have the kids with me an no one was injured. The car behind me was rear ended into me. All 3 cars involved were SUVs. I had my two convertible care seats in the car. My question is if I should get the car seats replaced. The insurance company didn’t think the car seats would need replacing but they were willing to replace if I see something wrong with them. When I read online some say to replace in any accident. Thoughts?

  • PK
    May 16 I would just replace it. Even if there is no obvious damage that you can see on the surface, you just don’t know if something is compromised internally that can affect your kids safety down the line. Check out the link. Lots of good info about this

  • B
    May 16

    Replace it. You won’t see the stress damage. You can check the manuals but every one I’ve ever had said replace

  • Cathy
    May 16


  • Alise
    May 16

    Replace, especially if insurance has agreed to cover. I would get in writing what they are agreeing to before you purchase. Send them perhaps the price of the exact replacement.

  • Lily
    May 16

    Get new ones from insurance!

  • Kasy
    May 16

    If the insurance company is willing to replace them then go for it

  • Lynn
    May 16

    I’ve never heard of a car insurance company saying anything other than you should replace car seats and they cover the cost of equal or lesser than the car seat you have.

  • Ashley
    May 16

    Of course the ins company would say that...they don’t want to pay for them! 🙄 there are some things we can let slide- the protection of our babies is NOT one of those!! Are they probably okay? Maybe....but do you want to find out they actually aren’t?

  • Laura Jane
    May 17

    Replace. :-)

  • T
    May 17

    Insurance covers them & it’s recommended when there are accidents. I actually got the check to replace the seat before the car check.

  • Ali
    May 17

    I would replace and send receipts to the ins. Company... if they see you actually replaced, I doubt they will argue it. Just make sure what you replace with is comparable to what you had.

  • Lynn
    May 17

    You should call your insurance company back and request to speak to a manager or go to their office. It really shouldn’t be an issue. What you ask is what procedure they have in place. Do you need to send receipts only or file a form as well. I’ve never seen an insurance company that does not cover car seats. You’re getting some bad advice in some of the replies to your post.

  • Ryan
    May 18

    Better safe than sorry I always say

  • Jennifer
    May 20

    Definitely replace if car insurance is covering. And like the above post, make sure you find out what are the procedures in submitting receipts, etc.

  • Sara
    May 28

    I was in the same situation! I’m so glad the babies weren’t with you and you are okay! We got our replaces and insurance covered it completely. We were prepared to argue with them, but it really was very easy (we just showed them a picture of the page in the manual that says they should be replaced and they were totally cool with it). For me, it was totally worth it for peace of mind. Apparently they can have internal damage in the frame that you can’t see. Just on the very slim chance that something wouldn’t work right if we got in another accident, I wanted them replaced.

  • Lauren
    Jul 21

    Replace now. You didn’t get any pushback from your insurance now but God forbid there’s an accident with the children. Their safety would be compromised anyway because you can’t truly know just by looking if those seats are unaffected. On top of that for your insurance to find out they were already in an accident voids their coverage requirements. They would not have to pay for replacements or any of the children’s medical bills. Better safe than sorry.