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Car seat for travelling internationally


Hello everyone So I ll be travelling to Canada in July with my 18 month old boy that time. Wondering what to do about a car seat.. Buy another one after going there? Don't want to spend much.. Won't be taking it with me because no checking luggage.. Won't have a seat for him as he is a lap child.. What s your experience and suggestions? What have you done with your little ones? Pls share ideas and suggestions.. Thanks

  • Laura
    Mar 06

    You can gate check a car seat for free (strollers too). So you can bring it all the way to the airplane and then leave it right outside the plane and it'll be in the exact same spot when you get off the plane. You can also check it in before security for free and it'll be at the luggage carousel.

  • Cathy
    Mar 06

    Hi!!! I have been to Toronto twice recently with my son. Once when he was 19 months (July 2018) and again at 2 years old (December 2018). You need a car seat. Canada actually has stricter car seat laws then the U.S. does. You’ll need to buy one there, borrow one there or request one if you’re renting a car. It’s up to you if you want to bring your own - but the car seat laws are not the same and if you get pulled over with a US car seat that’s not Canadian regulated it could be troublesome.

  • Gen
    Mar 06

    I just flew to Australia. You can gate check the car seat. Otherwise, car rental places will rent car seats. I would also take a harness, your arms will get tired with a lap baby waiting to board, just in general etc

  • Joanna
    Mar 06

    We flew with our 18 mo to Vancouver. He still fit in the infant bucket seat. The second trip (Montreal) he was older and bigger and we used a Cosco Scenera convertible. It is sold at Walmart in the US and Canada, is super light, easy to travel with and really affordable!

  • B
    Mar 06

    Don’t buy one if you have one. It’s a waste. Just check yours.

  • Anonymous
    Mar 06

    Thanks everyone. Appreciate it. Dint know Canada has such rules.. Gotta be more careful. 😀

  • Jess
    Mar 07

    Airlines have to check them for free. I think there’s a law because they all do. You can check it at the gate if you don’t have other checked luggage.

  • Jessica
    Mar 08

    There is also a new car seat that is still in production but will start shipping in April called the Pico by Waybe. It is fully compliant with all 5 point harness laws and can fold small enough to fit in the overhead compartment and weighs less than 8 lbs. you can also buy the back pack carry case.