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Car seat problems?

Does any other mommys struggle with car rides with their babies? My son is 5 months old and he HATES his car seat. He will scream and cry from the time he goes in his seat until we get where we are going and can safely take him out. He is fine when he is in his seat attached to his stroller and we are out & about but as soon as we put him in the car he looses it. Also, when we are parked somewhere & he is able to sit in the car out of his car seat (like waiting for his older siblings to get out of school, or when momny is cleaning the car,) he is fine. I have tried EVERYTHING. His favorite lullaby, playing peek-a-boo or with his little toys on his seat, etc. Nothing works & any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Jenn
    Dec 14, 2018

    Maybe you should try a convertible car seat to see if more room will make him happier? I don't really have an answer, but it's worth a shot.

  • JacLynn
    Dec 14, 2018

    My oldest was the exact same way! Car rides were miserable!! Although they got much easier when he got to be forward facing. And he was (and still is) in a convertible seat. The only thing that kind of helped. Was 1 particular song “closer” by the chain smokers. So maybe try finding a regular song and not just a lullaby...

  • Lauren
    Dec 14, 2018

    I second the convertible car seat. My son hated the carrier style car seat because he couldn’t see as much. Once we changed the seat over we saw and immediate difference. He falls asleep easier in it and doesn’t cry half as much as he use to in the car.

  • Aye
    Dec 14, 2018

    Our LO was the same, she still gets fussy every now and then. We got a mirror you can put in the back and that helped some what. There’s one where it has lights and music and a remote control so you can control it in the front. I guess she didn’t feel so alone when she sees herself in the mirror.

  • Sabrina
    Dec 14, 2018

    Thank you ladies. I will try to look into the mirror or maybe find a song that he enjoys. Thank you so much.

  • Marisa
    Dec 14, 2018

    My oldest daughter did that, too. Nothing would help. It phased itself out as she got older, and she did so much better facing forward. But we waited until she turned 2. We also used a rear-facing mirror. My 5-month-old daughter is completely different. She hates being put into the car seat and sitting in it, but as soon as she’s in the vehicle she’s silent.

  • molly
    Dec 14, 2018

    my son did that until about 10 months old. I believe infants at that age develop car sickness as a result of many things including angle of their seat, posture, facing back etc. My son was always sick in his Nuna pippa but ok in Mesa uppababy (likely coz he can see more from the sides). He grew out of it as he got taller. It helped to keep the car really cool for him and not give him a large meal before rides. In the end we just changed to a rear facing convertible seat and that seemed to help a lot because they sit more upright in those.