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Car seats 5 years after date of manufacture (DOM)


Is everyone getting rid of car seats older than 5yrs DOM? I just realized I have one in MILs car that’s DOM is 2013. Is it true the plastic on the seats start to “break down” after the 5years? Is it truly unsafe to use?

  • PK
    May 18

    I think it depends on the car seat make and model. We have the graco 4ever which I believe is 10 yrs. Check the manual or search the car seat for an expiration date imprinted somewhere. If you can’t find it, find a number to call the company and ask them how many years. But YES, car seats do expire. The plastic can break down. Even in the slightest bit, it might make the car seat unsafe. Imagine a plastic lawn chair sitting outside... with time and heat the plastic degrades and becomes brittle.

  • Deena
    Aug 09

    Check the expiration date on the seat :) You can take older seats to Target or Buy Buy Baby for recycling, and Target has a sale twice a year (April for sure and I think September I think) where you get 20% a new car seat for brining in an old one to recycle!