Reply to Help with feeding solids!

I would caution at 13 months being on tons of baby food, because of recent recalls... though they have been kept pretty hush hush, I would start offering more of a solid food base than not. Your pediatrician should have given the clear to go ahead on solids of some sort by now. The more you can introduce now, and the wider varieties will offer him a better and healthier relationship with food. To me, baby food, though it’s not bad, offers a pretty limited palate for them- and an awkward relationship to foods in general. If you think about it, it’s really a rather boring palate of food options for babies! Maybe we are just super foodies, and try to eat a little of everything, but like I mentioned earlier, the more involved you make them the more they are likely to engage with what you’re eating. We stick to lots of finger foods which he can feed himself, but also offer different things that we are eating which he has to learn to use a spoon or fork with. Now, when ever we eat fish it’s a battle to get any of our own serving because he loves it, and it doesn’t matter what type of fish we are eating. Perhaps in your ventures on feeding him new and different foods, allow him to eat more than what we consider just our strict “American kid diet” of chicken nuggets and fish sticks. Actually becoming involved with learning a new level of culinary life may enhance everyone’s relationship with food to become better!!!! I don’t know if that makes sense but I hope it helps!!