Reply to Postpartum Blues?

My husband went thru similarly, except he was more like one foot in, one foot out. And the one foot out, kept trying to pawn off his duties to the grandmas. I felt incredibly alone and helpless because I want his help, I want him, I wanted my life partner, I wanted the father to my child to be there for me. Finally I got through to him around 3 months post partum and I begged him to open his heart, he admitted he doesn’t know why he’s distant. I called the first 3 months of her life, the dark ages lol. I can remember the feelings in every photo from that time. Baby is now 13 months and today he admitted he understands when other parents of older kids have “baby fever”, they miss that age that they will never seee again. And he said she’s growing up so fast he misses/regrets not being as involved during the baby stage. I know this post is super old now, but for anyone passing by, every day that passes is a day you won’t get back. Time REALLY flies, so savor every moment! Get all the help you need, psychologically, professional, hired, family, friends, etc. as you don’t want to miss on the first few years. Things DO get easier.