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Changing career

I've been a SAHM for 2 years now and am desperate to go back to work. I was a lawyer before and my husband is also a lawyer. His job requires travel for days at a time probably once a month but he could also have to do trials in other parts of the country, which could be weeks (he just started this job so we don't know exactly how many trials there will be in other states). He also will have trials probably 3-4 times a year here at home, which requires pretty much 24/7 dedication (and even if you're not actively working on it, you're still thinking about it 24/7). My issue is that I just don't see it as feasible for me to go back to work as a full-time lawyer due to the travel and trials, and in any case, don't think I could devote all my mental energy to both kids/house and work as a part-time lawyer (your work doesn't end when you leave the office). I think I'd like to be a paralegal so that I'd still be in the legal field, but I don't really know how to "sell myself" in my cover letter. Every actual reason I want to be a paralegal sounds lazy lol (predictable schedule, end of day means end of day - don't take work home with you, shorter hours) so obviously I can't put that in the cover letter! I will devote 100% of my energy to my job during work hours (I'm not chatty and I'm very focused on getting the job done), but I know I will be primarily responsible for picking the kids up from school/daycare, snow days, sick days, etc. So anyway, I'm just looking for ideas of what to say in the cover letter (I can probably explain better in an interview) that wouldn't have them just reject me outright. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Kate
    Feb 21

    Hi there, cover letters are tricky, aren’t they? Maybe you could say something about how you appreciate that the position will afford you the work/life balance your family requires at this time. You can provide them with the reliability and proven dedication of an attorney who needs a more predictable schedule right now. Something like that? Hope that helps, I’m still waking up. :)

  • Jenn
    Feb 21

    I'd say something about learning from your previous job that you're passionate about the field but you'd prefer to be more behind the scenes. It comes off as more introverted than lazy.