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Chewing problem

My soon 18th month old daughter doesn’t know to chew her food. She has been eating semi mashed food. How do I teach her to chew food?

  • Elena
    Dec 20

    I would start cutting instead of mashing soft foods if you like start with a banana I thought my son to chew mpananas now he can chew on meat as well and he just today turned 19 months

  • Danielle
    Dec 20

    I definitely would say by 18 months she should not be eating mashed up food anymore. Just start by giving her soft solids; bananas, avocado, cooked veggies. If she’s really having a problem you should mention it to your pediatrician. They might recommend a swallow study just to make sure. But in the end it could just be she’s been getting mashed food a little too long.

  • Natalya
    Dec 20

    Even if a baby has just 5 /6 teeth still he has to chew food already ?

  • Emily
    Dec 20

    Try introducing soft cubes now, as recommended above. Also give things like cheese puffs for her to practice with. They dissolve in the mouth so there isn’t a risk of choking. The other thing is leaving twizzlers out to get stale and letting her gnaw on those to stimulate her chewing action. They can’t chew it off but it allows them to rotate their jaw like they should. It sounds strange, I know! My daughter had this issue but she ended up having to see an OT and speech/feeding therapist so I have lots of tips if you need more! (Not saying your daughter needs therapy, just that mine did and so I have lots of practice with teaching to chew!)

  • Lindsay
    Dec 22

    Keep introducing solids like bananas and strawberries but mention this to the pediatrician. There are therapists who can help with this. Your LO May qualify for services to get help to get her comfortable eating.

  • Haneen
    Dec 26

    Some kids have trouble eating when they have an oral abnormality. Check with her pediatrician.