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Child gets distracted before going into classroom


My son’s classroom is located in the back of the school and on the way to the classroom we have to walk by the toddler playground outside. He always gets distracted and will want to play with the ride on cars or walk on to the play structure and I have to tell him countless times that it’s not time to play right now and we have to go straight to the classroom. (Also it’s prohibited by the school for kids to play there without a teacher being present.) I remind him on the car ride to school that we don’t play on the playground and need to walk straight to the classroom and he says he understands. Anyone have any tips on what I can do? My son is 3.5 years. It’s driving me crazy every morning.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 26

    My 3 year old does really well when we empathize with him but also put the blame on the teacher because he wouldn’t dare defy the teacher but with us he will push buttons. So you can tell him that the playground does look like so much fun and you wish you could let him play but teacher says it’s the rule that you can’t play there without the teacher and that it isn’t time for it yet. With anything and a toddler though, you may need to repeat yourself several times until they get it. Just be sure you’re consistent and not making any exceptions which I believe you can’t anyway since the school already prohibits it.