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Child’s father’s mom


Now my child’s father’s mom been in my son’s life since he was two . With the birth and etc.. but now I think she is becoming too pushy and thinking she knows how to raise him how she wants to raise him . For example my son had a meeting about his speech . This lady was like taking over the whole conversation. Like saying my son does this and that and I know he didn’t . And also she is just too much . Always calling . And pushy. My son’s father isn’t like that at all. I even took off FaceTime and messaged so they won’t know I have a iPhone. I’m getting the note 10 so I can have peace. Am I being too mean . Like I don’t like people in my business too much and she is just doing much .

  • Monda
    Sep 01, 2019

    Your not being too much it gets really annoying when a family member thinks that they are the parent of your child and that’s their job not yours!! My mom does the same thing and she thinks she can tell me what to do and what not to do with my kid and it irks me so much so I really get it! I hope it gets better for you before you lash out on someone