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Cleaning toddlers nose

My LO is 19mo and HATES/won’t let me suction the boogers from her nose. We used to use the bulb but never really worked so I bought the nosefrida and it works great when I can actually hold her down long/hard enough to get her not to move. This just isn’t working!! Any ideas/tricks to help me get the boogers out?

  • Amanda
    Feb 05

    I'd love to know some tips and hacks, too! I've nannied so many toddlers who have HATED having their noses suctioned... in fact, I don't know any toddler who enjoys it! I'd love to know what other parents & caregivers have found useful to help ease the drama around nose suctioning :)

  • Karen M.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Feb 05

    I don’t think any kid likes it, it’s very invasive. What has worked for me is explaining to them why am i doing it and why it’s important. I tell them that their body is trying to get rid of the things they don’t need (like when we go potty) and so it’s important to clean it so it doesn’t go to our mouth and make our tummy few bad. And so I do it very gently but fast and during the time I’m doing it I tell them “I know this bothers you and I’m very sorry, it will be very fast, I promise” and then when I’m done I show them the paper with their boogers and tell them “see? This was all in your nose!” Hahah. They love to see that part, it’s so funny. So basically reminding them why is important, telling them you acknowledge their feelings and showing them proof of your work hahah. It works good with young toddlers as well :)

  • Erum
    Feb 05

    I just very carefully use the bulb. My Pediatrician says to always make sure we press the bulb and then insert and let go very slowly. I also show her all the boogers to assure her that I'm only cleaning her nose and that she's doing great.

  • Anonymous
    Feb 05

    There was a time period where my son would ask me to do it. He still hated it, cried and fought, but he requested it some times. I think I just kept telling him that he would feel better after. And then I have a friend who just doesn’t bother suctioning.

  • Casper
    Feb 06

    With the nose Freda I do it to myself to ensure my kid knows it’s safe. Then say your turn.

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 06

    For us, the only way to get the boogers out is to do it while she’s taking her bath. The steam and splashing water loosens up the boogers and then I use a warm, wet washcloth to clear them away. Those boogie wipe things work well too...surprisingly well, as long as the boogers aren’t completely hard and dry🤢. It’s never too early to start teaching kids how to blow their noses, too. My 2.5 year old blows her nose really well already. I made a game out of it by holding a tissue up to my nose and showing her how I could “blow a tissue flag” with my nose but only after I blow the boogers out first. Child rearing is so sophisticated and glamorous 😆🤷‍♀️

  • Jackie
    Feb 07

    Thanks for all the suggestions.. she loves seeing the boogers after 😂 I will continue to explain why I’m doing it. Maybe I will try and teach her how to blow her nose. Whenever we blow ours we have to give her a tissue. She will put it up to her nose and sometimes try and blow or just wipe her nose.