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Cluster feeding and up all night

My son is 2 weeks old and sleeps great during the day but at 12am it’s a whole new ball park! He wants to constantly nurse and falls asleep on me. Once he lays down he gets up again and we repeat the process. We try rocking and offering the pacifier but he doesn’t really like the pacifier either (probably because my two year old tries to shove it in his mouth). My family (hubby and daughter)is currently staying in one room due to PCSing to our next duty station. Any advice would help!

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Mar 04

    So first of all, most babies are born with this opposite schedule. During the day mom was moving and more or less rocking baby to sleep all day, you lay down at night, and bam! Time to play! So a lot this is just transition from womb to real world. The best things you can do are creating routines for sleep time and keeping the room dark. Unfortunately the rest just takes time (and repetition) for his circadian rhythm to get in sync. And don’t blame your two year old for the paci. Lol! Some babies take it, some don’t. My first two hated pacis and didn’t suck their thumb. My third, refused pacis but found her thumb and loves it. Unfortunately, when they don’t like their thumbs or pacis it means more work for us. I coslept and (nursed on demand) to battle this for more sleep, but that may or may not be something you are comfortable with. You are doing the best you can regardless, it’s just part of having a newborn. Hang in there! You rock mama! I hope sleep comes to you soon.