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Confused about Bm intake while I’m at work


Both of my child’s grandmas watches my baby. One of them said last Friday my 8mo old had 1 more bottle than her usually 3 bottles (4oz each of BM) between the hours of 8am to 1pm then napped from 1:30-6pm. So she had 16 ounces in 5 hours.. then napped for a decade?? This grandma also dips into my frozen stash way more often than the other one. She claims she is still paced feeding but then says that baby holds the bottle herself now. I pump out exactly for her daytime bottles (12oz) each day. Baby has NOT night weaned. What should I do? Or does that one grandma just like to overfeed, and thinks it’s a good thing? Or do I just let it go? It’s just so weird between two grandmas!

  • Anonymous
    Mar 02

    Could be a growth spurt. Mine always eat more and sleep more during growth. IMO 4 oz per feeding isn't a lot for 8 MO. My sons were pretty different though, my first never exceeded 6 oz, my 2nd was up to 6 oz by 3 months, and he's smaller than my first. Kids will also do different things for people who aren't their parents. I know a couple who's son fed himself at daycare for several months, but wouldn't at home.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 03

    My daughter is in daycare. At that age she would drink 3 7-oz bottles (10:30, 1:30, 4:30) and I nursed her first thing in the morning and before bed. I always gave them an extra bottle. Some days she would drink all 4 7 oz bottles, sometimes just 2 of them. I think just let it go....if she naps really well she would eat less vs if she wasn’t able to nap well then sucking on bottle helped her relax.

  • Jennifer
    Mar 03

    Also with the super long nap... I heard don’t let naps exceed 2 hours. If the long naps interfere with night sleep it’s too long. If baby sleeps fine at night with long naps I guess it’s fine?

  • Sabrina
    Mar 04

    I had an in-law where this happened with me and come to find out, she would be feeding my baby while watching tv or talking (not paying attention to my baby) and he would fall asleep. She wouldn’t notice and it would just pour out the side of his mouth and the burp cloths and bibs would be soaked. I didn’t produce a lot of breast milk at all so I started hiding it when she came over lol.

  • Erica
    Mar 15

    Grandma is probably overfeeding. I noticed that whenever my LO cries, they (both grandmas) assume she is hungry or has gas and God forbids if she doesn’t burp. My mom even writes down every feeding and still will feed her if she cries. I pump and measure out exactly how much milk is needed and send that when they are keeping her and I am strict about every 2-3 hours. You know your baby and how much she eats and the “hungry cry”. Sometimes baby just wants to change position, or be rocked or sit up. I think they hear crying and immediately panic. Ironically, both grandmas have raised two healthy children. 🤷🏽‍♀️