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Considering staying at home with kids, but afraid of the what if’s


Hello! My husband and I have been talking about me staying home with our two boys. When we had our oldest, I envied the moms I saw out with their kids on weekdays and would have jumped at the opportunity. But now that we are in a situation where I can, I’m afraid of all of what could go wrong. What if I need to go back to work earlier than expected, and I’ve been out long enough that they consider my experience irrelevant and I can’t find a job? What if money get too tight? What if I’m terrible at it? What if I get lonely and become emotionally reliant on my husband and that becomes too much? What will I lose on time not adding to social security while not working (my parents divorced almost 20 years ago, and my mom found out she barely has anything there because of how my Dad recommended they set things up while he farms and she stays at home). Let me just say, while I understand being a Mom who works in the home is a blessing, I also understand it is not a walk in the park, and have to work really hard to manage everything. And don’t get me wrong, I would love to stay home with my kids and manage all of the things that go on. My husband has full confidence in me and his ability to provide for us. I’m looking for experiences and advice for those who made the switch. I appreciate your input!

  • Christa
    Apr 10

    It has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with sacrifice!!

  • Mama
    Apr 10

    Those are a lot of what ifs. I think about them as well being a SAHM. At the end of the day there will always be someone looking to hire. But I’m learning children grow way too quickly to miss these critical moments.

  • Devon
    Apr 11

    You can always start slow by working part time if you can. It will help you feel out staying at home and ease you into it. It will give you a chance to overcome some of those fears while allowing yourself too continue working. In the future, if you had to get a job again after being a stay at home mom, there are always other options. They may not be in your field, but there are things, even like running a daycare out of your home. My neighbor does that and it addresses most the concerns you brought up. She had no prior experience but she loves it.

  • Laura Jane
    Jun 08

    :-) you’ll be a wonderful SAHM. Try not to “borrow worry from tomorrow” - you’ll be glad you took the leap. 💜