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My 12 month old has been having some issues with constipation consistently for the past 3-4 weeks. He’s only pooping every 3-4 days and when he goes he has to really strain and usually ends up crying. It’s so sad! I’m trying to take things out of his diet (like cheese and dairy) and increase fruits (like prunes, etc) but nothing seems to be helping. Does anybody have any suggestions on what I should do? Is this serious enough to get tests run by his pediatrician? Side note: I have Crohn’s disease, so there is a history of GI problems but when I discussed odds of my children also having it with my OB she said it was very, very low as Crohn’s is pretty rare.

  • Russell
    Mar 20

    We have had the same problem w our girl around that age. Regular bowl movements for that age are every day to every day or 2. 3 is a sight of Constipation. Up your liquids, Pedialyte and juice. Warm baths if there’s still hard poops. Also doing bicycle motions while your baby is on its back will help loosen and move the stool. I also have many digestive issues and it’s hard for me not to project those on to my child. Mostly if you’re feeding healthy organic foods and you’re cutting out things like cheese and dairy and you’re doing everything you can then it’s probably not what we are suffering from. Good luck

  • Megan
    Mar 20

    Our almost 2 year old daughter has had constipation off and on. One thing that worked well for us was massaging her belly in a downward motion and in circles. Another weird one.... but works like a charm.... take a rectal temp. Something about the thermometer down there forces them to push. Also water. Lots of water. We give her water all day and only a cup of milk during meals. Watery fruits like melons. I have not had to ever take her to the Dr for it, but you can always call and ask how long before having to worry. Depending on the age it may be different but I know for our babies they said not to worry til about 10 days. Which I think is an insane long time, but they always are more concerned with how much the pee, not as much stool.

  • Lindsey
    Mar 20

    Our daughter has constipation issues and it has been bad enough to have to do a Dr. recommend bowel cleanse (not fun stuff) what has worked for her is giving lots of high fiber food. Apples with the skin on (you could puree into sauce if that would be too hard for your one year old) whole prunes cut in small pieces, berries, spinach etc. We limit dairy and bananas as they seem to back her up. If we really need to get things following 2-4oz of organic pear nectar always does the trick vs. prune juice.

  • Amy
    Mar 22

    Have you tried muralax? Check with the pediatrician first. My son is 2 and needs a dose a day in his water. I’m trying to decrease crackers and bananas and in crease fruits and high fiber foods. He recently went almost a week without going and after trying everything else the doctor advised a suppository. If he didn’t go after that they needed to see him. ( thankfully it worked, but I hope to not have to do that again) they told me for kids around 2, after 5-7 days they’d need to see him.