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Constipation fixes for a 6 month old?


He hasn’t had a REAL poop in 4 days. Just little hard nuggets a couple times a day. He’s super grumpy and uncomfortable and unbearable to take care of all day. For his comfort and my sanity PLEASE tell me what I can do. I’ve given him some white grape juice with every feeding and some constipation ease. It’s the weekend so we can’t go to the doc. HELP!!

  • Kieli
    Feb 18

    Is he breastfed or formula fed? My daughter was bf and she went one time like 7 days with no bowel movements at all. Dr said prune juice, or you can try applesauce. My husbands cousin told me that every time she took her infant into the dr office they would get his temp through the rectum and he would go every time. So you can try that, although I tried for my daughter and it didn’t help her

  • anonymous mom
    Feb 18

    Try feeding him puréed prunes, peaches, mangoes, or pears. If he’s not on any kind of solids yet then try some concentrated prune juice mixed in with his bottles. You can buy prune juice concentrate in any drug store in the baby section.

  • Kendall
    Feb 18

    Yup! Agree w Julie. I keep a couple containers of baby food pears and prunes for this reason! I would also suggest that as you start introducing food to do foods that make you go and the next meal foods that plug you up. Just try and keep going back and forth to keep things regular and flowing, babies bellies take a little while to adjust to real food. For example, squash for lunch and pears for dinner.