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Constipation issues.

My 2 year old has have issues pooping since she was really little. I even took her to the pedatric GI who gave lactulose. Which works but makes her poops very watery. She eats alot of fruits not very big on veggies but she does ok. All of this and she still has a hard time going. Any suggestions?

  • Q
    Aug 14

    When my son on rare occasions is constipated and has the urge to poop. If he has no urge i wouldn't do the following. What i do is hold my LO back then if he didnt poop 1 or 2 days. With my arms link under his knees like a piggyback ride but he is in front of me back to my tummy facing the toilet that will help him physically push things out it will hurt but helps my LO push 1 long banana size poop out. And sometimes i let him eat prunes and dragonfruit

  • Tiff
    Aug 15

    Bananas are VERY constipating so if she eats those a lot or at all try cutting back on that. Also some grains wheat / crackers / cookies / oats I’ve noticed would back a child up. The baby puffs and crackers gave my poor baby constipation. Try feeding her lots of WATERMELON / water mixed with orange juice / coconut water , hydration is the key to loosening everything up and helping them go. Watermelon works like magic. Also try a warm bath that has enough water to cover the belly completely. & a lot of exercise. I’ve noticed when i chase my baby around the house a few times her tummy will feel a lot better. Also any formula , powdered milk , or milk in general could be the problem. Try cutting that out for a couple of weeks if you use them and see what happens. Because when a child is constipated it’s almost always because of something their eating or not getting enough of fluids.

  • anonymous mom
    Aug 15

    My daughter is the same way. She has had constant constipation issues since we started solids. Her pediatrician tells me that most kids grow out if it by age 3 or 4. The ways I help her is by giving her a daily probiotic and lots of fruit. We haven’t had to give medicine yet and hope not to. She hates juices but I will sometimes mix the ultra concentrated prune juice from cvs (it’s in the baby/infant section and is cvs brand) in with her milk or other foods when she’s super backed up. Other wonder fruits for her besides the ones everyone talks about are watermelon, cranberries, raisins, and blueberries. They all help a lot.

  • Trish
    Aug 15

    Thank you all. I just recently started giving her the daily probiotics which it's too soon to know if they help.

  • Alexis
    Aug 26

    Pears and prune juice

  • Alexis
    Aug 26

    Ask pediatrician about miralax

  • Sarah Jo
    Aug 30

    We’ve been dealing with chronic constipation since by LO was 5 months old it’s horrible I feel your pain. We have tried everything. She’s almost 3 and we are finally starting to see some relief. The things that have worked best for us are mirilax and mineral oil.

  • Tendai
    Nov 04

    My daughter had a similar problem, went to several doctors and she had to be on probiotics, laxatives and prune juice all the time until my mom told me to take her off formula milk. Its 8 months now and she is ok.