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Controlling Bad behavior


My 2 year old (only kid) has started being a two year old. Lol. Its not as terrible as i thought (yet!) but we have a family staying over who have 2 kids 6yr and 8 months and my guy is having a hard time. At best he didn't notice the baby was around and is minding his business and happily ran around the older one and they played. But on the other end he constantly grabbed at everything the older one was remotely interested in and worst of all he threw a huge toy at the baby out of nowhere (luckily it missed her head but still freaked her out). even up untill then, we had to constantly watch him around her as he tried to touch/poke her etc and i even kept telling him to be gentle/careful etc with the baby. It seemed to have the opposite effect. We did timeout after, i spoke with him about bad behavior and put him to bed saying he cant play anymore, no hugs no story time no bed time kisses etc. He was upset for a bit but don't know if it will have any effect on him (hopefully, but we will see how he will be tomorrow). Frankly i have no idea on how to discipline. He is otherwise a pretty chill kid. Gets distracted pretty easy and is not too adamant. Doesn't throw huge tantrums. Till now we only did timeout but nothing this serious has happened and i want to know what are some good ways to teach him bad behavior (hitting, grabbing, hurting etc) is not ok. one thing is he doesn't stay upset very long (which is usually a very good thing) which makes timeouts/punishing pointless. Nowadays he just goes and sits in the corner for a minute and then comes back smiling when i ask him to. Should i just keep going even then. Would he eventually understand?

  • Anonymous
    Oct 14

    Seems typical for a 2 yo. Does he send a lot of time around other kids, like at daycare? It kind of sounds like he doesn't if he is just suddenly doing this, he just hasn't had much experience socializing. Otherwise it may just be he's not used to kids being in HIS house with HIS toys, and that is going to be hard for him to share HIS things. He could also be overstimulated/ over tired if he was getting worse as the day went on. Maybe try giving him breaks in his room by himself if he's having a hard time. But it seems typical that you would have to constantly be watching him around an 8 month old, he doesn't understand that a baby is different from him.

  • K.A.M.
    Oct 15

    I started taking love and logic classes once the typical two yr old behavior began. I really recommend, they offer at several different locations all over the place. I went to Mile High Church because it’s across the street from me and they offer night classes, with daycare! They really focus on letting the consequences do the teaching and taking any arguing out of the equation. For me, the closer we got to three the more rambunctious of a two year old we had and I was close to my wits end lol. It helped a lot!