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Cosleeping to crib

Any advice to start introducing my baby to her crib? She is 14 weeks and has slept in my arms for every nap and night. I want to start sleep training around 4 months

  • Kerry
    Mar 18

    Id start by having her in your arms then once asleep lay her next to you. Then try getting her to sleep next to you not on you. Then move her a little further away. Then try putting her in a pack n play/crib in your room. My son used a pacifier to begin with then started teething @4/4.5 months and sucked his fingers instead. He was able to self soothe and fall asleep on his own. Once your able to put your child in something and getting her to sleep try laying her down awake but drowsy. My little one slept through the night and in his pack n play from 4 months. Its just teaching them to self soothe and not rely on you to be their pacifier. How does she fall asleep now? If you rock her or pat her then try and recreate that motion by patting her or rubbing her back and shushing at the same time.

  • Ashley
    Mar 18

    I am going through the same thing right now. My son had to be held anytime he slept. He just turned four months old and we have started the transition to a pack and play in our room. We have started small. We did one nap a day in the pack and play and slowly worked our way up to all of his naps. We are working on night sleep now. He is used to sleeping on me in the night so the transition has been rough. Once the middle of the night hits he is out of his pack and play and back in my bed because I can’t fight it anymore. I just try to have him sleep in there later and later each night. Hopefully he will soon be out of my bed because I could use some sleep. Good luck and I feel your pain 😋