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Cosleeping to crib sleeping for my 18th month old


Please give me some tips on how to get my son to sleep in a crib! He is 18 months old and has been cosleeping his entire life. It was something his father and I always disagreed about and I always lost, but now that I'm a single mom I'm trying to get him to sleep on his own. Even cosleeping he doesn't sleep through the night. We finally got settled in to our new apt and on a scheduled routine, but that still isnt helping him sleep. One major problem is my son and I now live in a studio apartment, so I cant just walk away and shut his door. Plus when he wakes up at night he sees me right away. The other major problem is there is a very strict noise after 9pm policy. I tried letting him cry it out some, but management has come talked to me on 3 separate occasions now. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

  • Ivy
    Mar 17

    Can you play some white noise or turn on a fan next by him (or under the crib)? Maybe put up a curtain around his crib, or a couple of those folding bamboo panels might work quite nicely. My kids didn’t start sleeping on their own until they were closer to 2, and were able to understand us better, so I’m sorry I can’t help with any advice there. My kids are on a routine and it greatly helps them. I’ll admit, the first few times we crib trained, I had to climb in. Eventually I just put the bed lower and set up the toddler rail and they had to stay inside the crib.

  • anonymous mom
    Mar 17

    My daughter is 18 months old and has only slept a handful of nights alone. I am slowly working on it by taking the crib mattress and putting it on the floor. I also put our mattress on the floor, in her room. Her mattress is between ours and the wall. I made a big deal about how that was her bed and she sleeps on it really well. Way better than she ever did a crib. The next step will be for me to start inching my way out of her bedroom. My husband has been sleeping in the guest room but only because he sleeps really lightly and her moving around wakes him up. Another trick I’ve heard about but didn’t try was removing one side of the crib and pulling it next to your bed and inching baby into the crib. I personally wasn’t sleep trained or left to cry it out as an infant and my husband was but disagrees with the concept so for me and my husband that’s never been an option. If it’s for you that can also work. A colleague of mine has one perfect sleeper and one pretty good sleeper and she credits sleep training.

  • Lulu
    Mar 18

    Following yes please

  • Kieli
    Mar 18

    I recently moved about 2 months ago, and was sharing a room with my daughter before we left. Her crib was right next to my bed and the only way to get her to sleep was the CIO. Then about an hour to 4 hours later she would wake up and see me, so I would put her back in my bed. After I moved she got her own room, and I am expecting my second daughter in early May so I want to get her sleeping alone now. I started by laying her down in her bed and I would sit next to her bed on the floor. I put lullaby on the background, and let her watch her tablet. It would take her 1-2 hours some nights to fall asleep so I decided to switch it up. I put the fan on in the living room and rock her while she watches her tablet (it’s a horrible habit but it’s the only way to get her to sleep without CIO). Now it takes 30 mins to an hour and I lay her down in her crib with the tv on low, to have some noise on in the background. After trying this for probably the last 2 weeks, she finally is sleeping alone in her crib all night long. Ironically I don’t sleep as well, because I keep checking the baby monitor to make sure she’s covered and okay. The more she starts to sleep alone the better I will start to sleep as well. And I know some people want to get out of the habit of rocking their kids to sleep, but this method is working for me and getting her out of my bed. And I know that when my new baby comes someone else can rock her to sleep as well until I can do it again