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Could I be pregnant??


I'm 6.5 months postpartum and I have no sign of a period still. I breastfeed as well. I took a few pregnancy tests, all digital and they said no. But I'm experiencing severe nausea like I did at the start of my previous. With my daughter it took me being over 3 months along to get a positive on a home test, and I'm wondering if it might be the same here? Is It possible I'm pregnant or is it normal to go this long without having a period and have nausea? I'm a ftm, so I'm not sure what's normal for postpartum

  • B
    Jul 02

    If you’re having unprotected sex then it is always possible. If I were you I’d see my doctor and check if tests don’t work for you.

  • Jess
    Jul 02

    I would see a doc if there is a possibility. However to answer your question about having a period, mine did not return until 12 months (I stopped breastfeeding at 9 mo).

  • Jennie
    Jul 04

    I got pregnant when my baby was 5.5 months old and I hadn't had a period yet and was breastfeeding. So yes, you could be. But also, if your period is returning you could get crazy hormones that seem like pregnancy symptoms.

  • MamaNukesYopolo
    Jul 04

    I got pregnant around 6 month pp exclusively breastfeeding, and then 8 months pp. I went like 3 yrs without a period. Definitely get a test from a dr.

  • omosama
    Sep 10

    ok it could be ... or may be that is high prolactin levels which is very normal at breastfeeding