Covid/coronavirus while pregnant

I’m soon to be at 35 weeks pregnant and I’m wondering if I really need to go in for my checkup. All seems to be going just fine so I’m wondering if I need to complicate my situation for a minor checkup considering our current societal environment? Granted I will also ask my doctors the same question but I know that I will soon have to come in on a weekly basis and wondering if I could limit the amount of times I would have to go in just. Anyone in a similar situation??

  • Nousa
    Mar 19

    I'm sure your doctor will tell you if it's worth it to be in every week with the situation. However, if you do have to just keep all the precautions you can and remember you still have to give birth at this Corona thing probably. Hopefully nothing happens and you can have a peaceful and great baby and birth. Good luck hon.

  • Sara
    Mar 20

    I'm in a similar situation. I'm almost 38 weeks now but I stopped going to checkups since 36 weeks because I was concerned. My ob gyn said it wasn't necessary at all and to just text her if I had any concerns. Many doctors are switching to telemedicine for routine checkups. If you don't have a high risk pregnancy there's not much to check for at this point (the group B strep test would probably be the final thing -- hopefully you did that already)

  • Pianpian
    Mar 20

    I asked my OB and they recommended to go see them every 5 weeks now, less frequent than before. Seems it's depending on the stage and situation you are in, and the healthcare facility's precautions.

  • Laura
    Mar 20

    16 weeks pregnant- next appt will be by phone and I'm supposed to monitor my own blood pressure. Then 19 week ultrasound will be in person and labwork then.

  • Momof2
    Mar 21

    I’m not pregnant but I think that’s smart to limit your exposure! When I was pregnant I bought a fetal heart rate monitor so I could listen to baby’s heart rate (my first baby stopped moving for a period of time so it scared me I wanted to be able to listen without having to go in). I feel like that’s probably the only thing of value at the appointments that you couldn’t get from a phone visit with your doctor. They aren’t too expensive on Amazon

  • Linda
    Mar 25

    Hi- you can enlist a midwife to do your checks at home even if you are not planning to give birth at home or in a birth center. You can also order some test strips to check your urine for protein, and learn to check your blood pressure at home for further reassurement. Regardless of what you decide, make sure to continue keeping track of your baby’s movements and notify your healthcare provider of any changes.