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Cows milk


My son has been exclusively breast feed, he eats food now And gets BM 4-7 times in a 24 hr period. When he was a few months old we found that me drinking dairy in coffee or however effected his digestion and now I’m concerned cows milk will bother him in a sippy cup. Any one have any thoughts on this? I became sensitive to something in cows milk as a kid I could least have yogurt, cheese, ice cream and such but actual milk /half and half would bother me...

  • Jennifer
    Jan 13

    Try lactaid milk. My husband is lactose intolerant as we drink it. It’s the same as milk just without lactose so it tastes like milk. They have whole milk too.

  • Kay
    Jan 13

    Try grass fed whole milk. If he can eat Greek yogurt and cheeses then you don’t have to give him cows milk. My daughter is 17months and only drinks cows milk on occasion. She is till breastfed and we can barely keep yogurt and cheese stocked.

  • A
    Jan 13

    He loves yogurt I bought vanilla unfortunately instead of plain but have been giving him a few spoonfuls here and there. And he LOVES cheese Appreciate the input:)

  • Anonymous
    Jan 14

    My daughter had cows milk protein allergy when she was an infant, I didn’t know until she was 6 mos old so I stopped breastfeeding. Took her to an allergy test last month, no milk allergy but the doctor recommended her to transition to lactaid first for three weeks then slowly introduce whole milk. So far so good. My husband is lactose intolerant and I’m not.