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Cows milk allergy and sleeplessness?

I found a study that was done in the UK that linked a cows milk allergy to unexplained sleeplessness in babies. I am trying it with my 17 month old to see if it helps because she currently wakes up anywhere from 5-13 times a night. Has anyone had success with this? Any tips on other foods or drinks to use for substitute or to stay away from? Thank you!

  • Angelica
    Feb 25

    My pediatrician said almond milk and soy milk were fine if you want to avoid dairy but that you would need to give your child a vitamin. If you think your child has a dairy allergy, I would talk to your pediatrician. It seems she is waking up a lot for that age. I would also mention how often she is waking up to your pediatrician. Are you going to get her every time she seems to wake up or makes noise? Sometimes my son will make alittle noise or whine a bit but we give him a minute to see if he will calm himself and go back to sleep on his own. Usually he does, sometimes he doesn’t.

  • Kelly
    Feb 25

    Agree with the above. Doctors can test for food allergies. I wouldn’t eliminate milk w/o some additional testing or a consult with the pediatrician. That is a lot of wake ups for a child that age. Has she always had this issue or is it new? Has anything changed in her sleep environment (new room/new bed/ or has she experienced a significant life change (sibling/school/etc), that could be the root issue? I definitely agree to let her self soothe (if you aren’t already) as learning to get themselves back to sleep is something that takes a little time, but is invaluable for their sleep quality (and yours!).

  • Rhonna
    May 27

    my daughter has a milk allergy! we give her ripple pea milk or oat milk. almond milk didn’t have enough nutrients/calories in my opinion for her. we noticed that she seemed sick (runny nose, cough, etc) and it had to do with her allergy. i would definitely get her tested just to be sure!