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Cows milk vs enfagrow toddler milk

Debating which to use says that milk has 0% DHA for growing brain and only vitamin and calcium. Then enfagrow has DHA and 22 other vitamins. Does it make a difference? Should he be taking vitamins because cows milk doesn’t have enough vitamins?

  • Laura
    Dec 26

    At our 1 year appointment our doctor said toddler milk is a scam and to just drink cow's milk (with vitamin D) and didn't say our daughter needed any additional vitamin supplements.

  • Julie
    Dec 26

    I supplement my daughters cows milk with baby’s DHA from Nordic Naturals. I also add probiotics to her morning milk (or yogurt on the rare chance I can get her to eat it). The other vitamins offered in toddlers milk are great but only necessary if you have a picky eater. My pediatrician told me as long as my daughter is eating some kind of fruits, vegetables, and protein a couple times daily as well as drinking milk she doesn’t need a vitamin supplement (but if she becomes picky I’ll start giving one).

  • Hamel
    Dec 26

    Horizon organic milk has DHA. Toddler formula has sugar

  • Beatrice
    Dec 26

    Thank you for your responses, my son is a super picky eater we have days that he will skip breakfast and lunch n only eat dinner or lunch n no dinner he rather drink milk or water n not eat at all so I feel like he is not getting enough of the vitamins he needs. He is still a month away from his doctor visit so wasn’t sure if he should be given a vitamin

  • Beja
    Dec 27

    Both Fairlife and Horizon have milk with added DHA and around 13 grams of protein. My 3 year old doesn't like meat but still loves her milk so that's one way she gets her protein.

  • Lauren
    Dec 27

    If you shop at Target their Simply Balanced brand has organic milk with added DHA. It’s less expensive. My pediatrician also told me that toddler formula is a scam, but we did use it to help transition from formula to cows milk. We only bought one container

  • Tiana
    Dec 27

    Enfagrow is a scam. Just give whole fat milk and real food.

  • Kendra
    Jan 31

    Just a another way for those companies to keep taking your money. Basically not necessary and a scam. At 1 years old they should be on cows milk.