Crafts using household items?

Cabin fever is definitely starting to set in as social distancing continues! I don’t want to make an unnecessary run to the craft store, so I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for crafts & activities that can be put together using household items? So far we’ve made “telescopes” using empty toilet paper & paper towel rolls (which we decorated using markers), we’ve baked cookies from scratch, and we made a makeshift basketballs/cornhole game using socks and laundry baskets. Does anyone have interesting ideas for creative activities using items already in the home?

  • Kieli
    Mar 21

    Couch forts!!! Those are always fun. I also use my youngest daughters crib, put them in and drape a blanket over it. They love it. Kids yoga, help get some of the energy out. Not sure how old of kids you are trying this with, but Simon says is good for older. For younger kids like mine, I get a long casserole pan and place an inch of water, give them spoons and another bowl and toys, and they play with that for half an hour at least.

  • Amanda
    Mar 22

    Thank you!! We made a great fort today using chairs and bed sheets. It was a lot of fun!! We also did “science experiments” using water & food coloring. It was a great way to spend nearly two hours!

  • Micah
    Mar 24

    You can make some slime with hair conditioner, dye colour and corn starch or something like that just give it a google

  • Sara
    Mar 25

    We've been keeping all our food boxes recently (cereal boxes, egg cartons, plastic jars and containers). Honestly my kids don't even need a planned activity -- I will just pick a few recycled items to set out that day on their craft table with some art materials we have (paint or crayons or glue+pompoms or stickers) and let them get creative. It's awesome to see what they come up with. Since we're stuck at home, we have a "crafting" time each day where we set out some materials and they can get creative.