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Curriculum for 16 month old?


I have a 16 month old son. Do any of you SAHP follow a curriculum with you child around 18 months old? I want to make sure I’m teaching my son the things he needs to know and exposing him to a variety of things. I’m having difficulty coming up with a plan and figuring out all of what I should cover. If anyone has a curriculum they use or any ideas or recommendations on what activities to do with my son I’d appreciate it.

  • Jennifer
    Jan 06

    Just play!!! Especially with blocks, read books, spend time outside every day, expose him to a variety of sensory experiences. The best way for any child to really learn is to PLAY.

  • Aje
    Jan 06

    We do that now. We play with puzzles, read tons of books, go outside , play blocks pretend cook and real cook, etc. I guess I’m just looking for a little something different to do everyday. Not really a sit down and lecture curriculum but fun ways (songs ,crafts ,games )to teach and reinforce colors shapes, etc and what they should know at each age. There’s ways to work topics into play time. I do use the puzzles to work on shapes and he does know circle heart and star but my ideas are limited. What do kids do in daycare at this age ? I guess I don’t want him missing out. My son loves to learn and I want him to continue with that love of learning throughout his life. I always worry I’m not doing enough

  • Diana
    Jan 06

    My child goes to daycare but, how I do it at home, is to focus on one thing/skill for a week (up to a month depending how much we’re both interested in it). For example right now we’re focusing on colors: I rotated out her primary colored toys and that’s what I focus on during play (for example, “hand me the RED circle”). Some of the previous focuses have included numbers, letters, vegetables, insects, etc. And right now I’m planning on a ‘hot vs cold’ focus for next week.

  • Geena
    Jan 07

    Just continue what you do. Reading every day helped us a lot learn his basics like numbers and colors and alphabets and animals etc so when we go outside to play i make sure to point out to him what we saw from books over and over again even if it’s the same thing til he’s able to respond back. They pick up fast. If we’re consistent with routine you’ll have them telling you stuff in time

  • Elle
    Jan 07

    A curriculum is a great idea! Weeklong themes are a great way to develop and build on new skills and concepts. Our day care does week-long curriculae. One example of a weeklong theme you can do is different types of dance, weather, things you can make out of rope