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So my name is Jackie and my child is 3 years old almost 4 and he’s having trouble not to be saying bad words the one time he heard it from me was ‘oh shit’ that’s it then I kept hearing that he says the B word and F word. Idk how to stop it honestly

  • Ivy
    Jul 31

    I explain to my 4 year old kid that those are adult words. If he says it, he has to be an adult. I make him do things I know he doesn’t like to do, that adults have to do. It really doesn’t happen that often in our home though. Daily chores don’t count as adult things though— things like cleaning and helping around the house. Those are things I won’t use, since it’s already something we all have to do. If I were to hear my boy say an inappropriate word again, I’ll tell him it’s an adult word, and he gets to do an adult thing now— like wipe his brother’s butt (something he would be so grossed out to do!) If it continues, I take away privileges or do a time out. I explain that mom and dad have consequences to our actions and our privileges can be taken away too— so I have to take away something when he cannot stop using adult language. If mom acts like a child and throws tantrums, there are consequences. People around me get hurt, and things around the home don’t get done. I have to take a time out by myself until I’m ready to apologize.