Reply to Potty Training Help!

So I am in the midst of training my 18 month old 3rd child, my other two started training at 20 and 18 months old and took a few months to completely daytime train. I personally don’t subscribe to the readiness thing, but clearly your daughter understands. However, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t developing. I’ve found that since both my older two were trained (now 4.5 and 3), they would have bouts of “regression” when their growth spurts or life changes seemed to make them to need to retrain a bit. I am big on the at home no pants method, especially for girls since it’s more uncomfortable for them (boys get to shoot it away from them). The main thing is to “stay the course”, don’t be mad or get angry, just keep reminding her where it goes and why, and hang in there. She will get more consistent. Don’t turn back now.