Reply to SAHM’s and Money

My husband and I each have our own personal checking account and then we have a joint savings. My husband’s pay check goes directly into his personal checking and he keeps the amount that he needs to pay certain bills and transfers the remaining to savings. He pays for utilities, cell phone, and mortgage out of his checking account. I pay for everything else - expenses on food, supplies or services that we need done in the house. When I was working that would come out of my paycheck and I transferred what was remaining into savings. Now I just pull that money out from savings. So my husband sees how much I pull each month and its usually the same every month. If it’s within our budget that we discussed then he doesn’t ask any questions. If it’s more he will ask me what happened and it’s usually something like it’s the holiday season, subscription payments, gifts for birthdays or other events, emergency house repairs/work, or dr visits. He only asks for details if I’m spending 200+ over our budget.