Reply to HELP! 8-yr-old stealing habits

^^Ashleys idea is great!!!! In high school, when I turned 15 I announced to my parents that in one year I’d get my license and couldn’t wait to drive my car around!!! My parents reply? “Oh you have a car!? Cool! Where is it??” Lolol. They maybe were t the sweetest about it but they made it clear to me that just because my older friends parents gave them whatever they wanted and just because they (they meaning my own parents) could afford to buy me a car when I turned 16, that wasn’t what was going to happen. So instead they worked out a deal with me....they told me I could find work either by helping them around the house and yard or by babysitting kiddos in the neighborhood or whatever...and they would match whatever I earned dollar for dollar till o had enough $$ to buy a car. I was pissed at first, whyyyyy were my parents so old school!? The AUDACITY of them to make me WORK for something!!!!!! Well, after I moaned and groaned for a couple of days I started working. At home my parents paid me minimum wage at the time (dating myself here but minimum wage was $4.75), and outside of the house I managed to earn a little more. It was all odd jobs and babysitting or dog walking and whatnot. I just kept adding $$ to my savings account and after 1.5 years, I had slightly over $1000!!! My parents doubled it and I was close to $2500. At that time that was enough to buy my first car: a red Chevy cavalier. Stick shift. Lolol. I had enough left over for gas for a little while to cover me driving around finding my first “real” job (like the ones that pay taxes). My parents added me to their insurance and covered the cost until I finished college. Anyway, that’s a long story. But iPhones are what, $1000?? If you have the means, maybe tell him he needs to earn half the cost. Or 3/4 of the cost, and you can meet him the rest of the way. Tell him he will also have to continue to work after the fact to cover the $$ required to add him to your plan. And have serious consequences for stealing. Thieves are truly the worst. He will not make many friends by stealing!! Good luck!