Reply to Bottle weaning now or wait?

My two year still goes down with a cup to go to sleep for nap and bed time. I’ve watered down the milk gradually and now it’s almost completely water, but she still wants it. Sometimes when she wakes up it’s all gone and other times maybe an ounce. Do what works for you and your family. I would suggest start using and introducing a cup if you haven’t already and if she takes too the cup, then run with it. We used the cups with the weighted straws, so at any angle she would get a drink. Also for the plane trip, we used lollipops (dumdum suckers) and peppermint candy for the ears. She did great and no issues. If you haven’t introduced candy, I would start before the trip so she is used to it. Good luck! Ps lots of snacks and cheap/new stuff from the dollar store for entertainment.