Reply to Should I Stick With Daycare?

I just put my daughter in, she’s 18 months and last week was her first week alone, she is only part time 9AM-1PM 3 days a week but she’s extremely clingy. I don’t know how lenient/rules etc. of your daycare or your career but for the first 2 weeks the women who owns the daycare allowed me to bring her in for free, and also allowed me to stay, the entire time the first 2-3 days then each day afterwards I snuck out for 30 minutes then an hour and then an hour 1/2. My daycare owner told me that she did fine the whole time............until she started getting tired THEN she started looking around for me, noticed I was gone and cried the first couple days, walked around kind of just whining cry for another day or 2. She just had her first week alone and she did pretty well!!! The tiredness sets, looks around, no mommy and the whine cry begins, pacing around but my daycare owner has said it’s gradually getting better each day as in it’s not lasting as long, she’s now a bit more easily comforted by my daycare owner, the whine cry doesn’t last as long etc. As everything else, EVERYTHING...time and patience are most important. Easing our babies into these big or huge changes can be overwhelming, stressful, upsetting etc. FOR THE BOTH OF YOU/us!!! Don’t forget though easing yourself into these huge changes is also crucial!!!💔