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Daily mess

Tips for handling the inevitable mess that comes with having kids at home full time? I go nuts cleaning up after them and we have lots of storage and 2 toy rooms. Toy rotations? More bins (infinite bins????). Help!!!

  • PK
    Jul 12

    Have them help clean up at specific times of the day. The mess is all part of play time. I usually have my son clean up before he starts another activity (coloring at the table, meals, nap, going out, etc). You can’t constantly have a tidy house with kids. Toy rotations could help too.. we don’t do that but it does make sense that with less toys out available for them to play with the less things you and your kids will have to pick up. And if you aren’t planning on having more kids, maybe start pulling out toys that both your kids have outgrown and selling them online or donating.