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Daughter having issues focusing.

Hi, my daughter just started kindergarten a month ago and turned 5 this last Monday the 23. She talks and mostly goes off topic, which makes her loose her focus and takes her away from whatever she’s doing. Sometimes even when she is not talking she doesn’t focus as well for example, everyday when she gets to school, her principal would be by the door saying hi to all kindergarteners, by giving them a high five. But when it’s my daughter turn, she’s mostly looking away either looking at other students or other things or thinking, she mostly says hi back but mostly doesn’t look at her and you can tell she is talking but is distant. When it comes to things she likes, such as tv, and playing she focuses easily, she gets bored quickly too. Anything I can do? At this point I’m really lost she is my first daughter and I’m clueless as to what to do, I always direct her attention but she goes back away quickly. Please help.

  • Mike Stemle
    Sep 29

    I don’t think that this is the right place for attention. It sounds like you may want a pediatric psychiatrist to help here. This could be ASD, it could be ADD, it could be social or general anxiety, and it could just be a personality quirk. You really need a good healthcare provider for this.