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Daycare drop off tips

Hey guys! My 19 month old son is just starting day care this week. He is having a pretty tough time at drop offs as he is now figuring out that I am going to leave. It's his first time in a child care setting so I know it's really tough for him to adjust. Any tips for a smooth transition? TIA!

  • Diane P.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Oct 30

    Quick drop off

  • B
    Oct 30

    Yup. A kiss, tell him you’ll be back, and hand to a teacher who is ready with distraction. He’ll cry for a minute but if you ask I bet they say he stops a minute after you go

  • Chelsa
    Oct 31

    Drop offs are always so hard! What worked for us was like the others said- when you get there kiss and hug, give to teacher and leave. Lingering makes it harder for you both. Also, we started talking through what was going to happen on the way to daycare and that seemed to help (even though they’re still learning to communicate, they can understand some). This also helped when he would transition into new rooms when he’d get bigger and we’d kind of have to do the whole process again. I said “We are on our way to daycare. Mommy will hug and kiss, and say goodbye. You are going to have fun playing with your friends and a Mommy will go to work. Mommy will be back afterwork to take you home and Mommy will be so happy to see you!” Mostly, consistency and getting into the routine will be the thing that will help the most, but I remember those transitions to drop offs were the hardest, but it’ll pass soon for both of you. Good luck!

  • Tanja S.
    check_circleChild Care Provider Oct 31

    I agree, drop and go. Also never let them see you "sweat" meaning that you don't want your child to see you upset. Always leave happy, if you get emotional, don't do it in front of them.

  • Stacey
    Nov 01

    It's hard. Sometimes he is fine and just walks away and might say bye bye. Other times I get water works and nobody and nothing helps but they say he stops right after I'm gone. Our routine is I drop his diaper bag off, give him a kiss and hug and say bye bye and leave no matter his mood.

  • Jess
    Nov 04

    I agree with quick drop off. We also handed off our girl to the same teacher every time in the beginning and that helped as they bonded faster. If I leave as soon as hand off, she does fine but if I stay even 30 seconds, there are tears. My daughter is 18 months and started at 12 months. Took probably 6 weeks until no tears. Some days in those were better than others.