Daycare lunch ideas

Hey everyone! I’m looking for some new ideas on what to pack my 2 year old for lunch for daycare. He is somewhat of a picky eater so I feel like I’m always packing the same things every week and I’m sure he’s probably sick of the usual chicken nuggets, pasta, rice, pizza rolls, etc. Also, I can’t pack anything with peanuts/peanut butter or egg as some of his classmates are allergic. If anyone has any ideas they care to share, I’d greatly appreciate it! :) Thank you! -Shannon

  • Laura
    Dec 11

    Today's lunch- Mac and cheese and edamame and mango. Snack- beans (my daughter loves beans).

  • Anonymous
    Dec 11

    Once I went and googled daycare snack and lunch menu and stole a million ideas from random daycare menus 🤣

  • Sara
    Dec 11

    Sunbutter and Jelly sandwiches are a lunch staple with my kids (they're nut free!) Today I packed my daughter cold tortellini with cheese. Other favorites include turkey sandwiches, bagel and cream cheese, and cold pizza. I usually also include some cut up fruit or veggies and a cheese stick.

  • Ying
    Dec 11

    Hi Shannon, does your little one like crackers? There is a brand called "late July", a lot of kids like to have it as a snack, you also could put almond butter on it. Quesadilla - tortilla with cheese. steamed dumplings, healthy hotdog cut as cubes. And yes, I agreed on the comment above, should always be including fruit and veggies too.

  • Jenn
    Dec 12

    I usually throw a bunch of random stuff together, using reusable cupcake liners to separate. Beans, pasta, almond butter on bread, crackers with jelly, fruits, peas, carrots, cheese, sunflower seeds (already shelled), the occasional lunch meat, tuna/salmon, etc. Occasionally I'll send her with hot leftovers. I think my daughter's favorite thing was leftover chicken piccata from the day before 👍.

  • Anne
    Dec 12

    My kids really prefer hot food so I got them a thermos which retains heat pretty well. I can fill it with pasta or rice and it will stay reasonably warm until lunch time. Other ideas: - dried fruit - yogurt covered raisins - cut up hot dog - mini pancakes & breakfast sausage - quesadilla cut into shapes - cheese & meat slices with crackers

  • Fidan
    Dec 12

    My little boy is a little picky, and he likes fruits and veggies better. So I put cucumbers, peppers, baby carrots, berries, grapes, and other fruits. Stick cheese, chocolate milk, graham cracker, little sandwiches with cream cheese or Nutella. Basically those are the main food for his lunch. He always has breakfast (egg, milk, bread and some veggies) so I am fine with the lunch.

  • Shannon
    Dec 13

    Thanks everyone! I do always include a side of fruit or veggies as a snack, I just struggle with the main dish lol But I’ll definitely be trying all of these helpful recommendations, thanks so much!