Daycare worries

So I’m currently pregnant with my rainbow baby (after losing two this will be my first). Since I have had a stillbirth I am extra nervous about this one. Both me and my fiancé will have to work ASAP but I know I will be terrified to leave the baby alone with even people I know. I have heard so many horror stories and it just freaks me out to think about losing another baby especially worrying that they would be hurt... obviously there are background checks and all but just cause they haven’t done it before doesn’t mean they won’t. Maybe I am over thinking it? If you had this problem/fear, how did you get over it or find someone you really felt you could trust?

  • Amber
    check_circleChild Care Provider Oct 21

    Get to know your provider. Most of them will understand your situation. Start doing interviews now and the ones you like the best get to know them. Sometimes you’ll just have a feeling knowing it will all be okay once you meet right one.

  • Vicki
    Oct 21

    If you are having someone watching baby in your home, they can start coming over while you’re still home and you can watch them with the baby and get comfortable with them and letting them know how you prefer things done. You can have cameras set up as well so you can check in when you are feeling anxious. If it’s going to be care outside the home, do a lot of research, have several meetings with the same people, try to talk to other parents and if you can, pick a place that has cameras that allow you to check in. It’s going to suck no matter what but do your due diligence and listen to your gut always.

  • Momof2
    Oct 23

    I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all that!!!Not sure what state you live in but if you’re in California the disability laws are great. Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t allow for extended baby bonding time I would shop around for an OB/GYN who would be willing to work with you after your baby is born. I know a mom who had severe anxiety about leaving her baby for multiple reasons so her OB/GYN put her out on a medical leave. She is not going back to work until her baby is eight months old and it’s all paid because it’s a medical leave.