Reply to Looking for daycare advice

Thank you both for your comments! I dropped in to the daycare on Monday and put myself to ease a bit. They also recommended 5 bottles with 4 ounces in each. I’ve only breastfed directly so far and not given him any bottles so I wasn’t sure how much he was eating. We’re mixing it up between bottles of breast milk and directly breast feeding this week to get him accustomed to the bottle and to see how much he’s eating at each feeding. Josh, thank you for mentioning the diaper issue! We have been fortunate enough to not have to use any diaper creams because we haven’t had any rashes yet. I always wait about 30 seconds to a minute before putting his diaper on to make sure he’s dry. I know that the daycare probably won’t do the same because they are busy and have other kids to take care of. So thank you for mentioning it so we can keep an eye on it.