Reply to How do I teach my toddler to say “it’s potty time” or “I need to go”

It’s indeed very tiring to watch them when to go or not or wait but successive days that you would til you learn their signals when they do go is worth it until they understand that it’s where they should go when they pee or poop and it helps to consistently verbalize what just went down and exaggerate your appreciation when they do. I also bring him to the potty within 20-30 min after drinking something. I did commando style in the first week and underwear in the 2nd week. “You wanna pee/poop?” “Let’s go pee/poop” and 2 weeks after he uses the same to tell me if he does wanna go. We had accidents within the first 2 weeks and after 3 weeks, he’s potty trained. I followed the Oh Crap book and it worked for us. I know time and patience is what you need to invest to make this successful at a couple of weeks instead of months but we had success doing it. Best of luck