Reply to Ferber method for naps?

Thanks for all the suggestions. She’s never really been a bad sleeper (usually only up once for about 20-30 mins just for change and feed). Lately she’s been getting up an hour after bedtime and it’ll take 1.5hrs to put her back to sleep. Also during naps she’s been wanting to be held or will only take 30min nap. We’re on night 2. Yesterday was a success! Bedtime she fussed about 30mins after going down and only went in once and same with her normal 2am wake. She did wake at 6am which took 2 times of going in for her to fall back asleep. I also did it for her nap(s). I’ve decided it’s time to readjust her nap times and to reduce to only 2 naps. First nap (1hr) she ended up taking in the car which was fine and the second nap (2.25hr) she went right down in her crib and didn’t wake! Thanks again for the ideas ladies!! I hope this works and that I just didn’t get lucky 😝