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Decrease intake from formula..

So my little one is almost 8 month and lately she has been fighting a cold but we have noticed that she decreased her in take of formula milk..she loving eating the solids food and drinking water. She’s having a difficult time taking it or not interested or it becomes a battle.. I don’t want to force her to drink it but I worry she is not getting all the vitamins from the formula or worried of dehydration. Any tips first time mom. Also, tomorrow we are going to see her pediatrician for a follow up for her cold cough.

  • Jenn
    Jan 03

    My Ped told me that babies start self-weaning at 8 or 9 months as they eat more, so she could just be doing that. She is getting vitamins and nutrients from the food.

  • Elle
    Jan 03

    Hoe many ounces or ml does she normally take, and how much is she taking now?