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Dentist for toddler?

I’m a FTM and am unsure of how to approach the dentist. Do you go to your regular dentist with your toddler? Pediatric dentist? What can I expect? When should we go? My son is almost 2.

  • Amanda
    Feb 09

    The dentists we’ve talked to, one being my brother, says it’s not necessary to visit until the age of 3. And that’s what we’ve done with my 4 year old. Just brush and floss normally.

  • B
    Feb 10

    Pediatric dentist. Ours wanted to start at 18 months or two to get her used to going. Insurance covers it so why not.

  • B
    Feb 10

    Also as a tip, she was freaked out by the chair so I sat in it and she lay on my chest. Then it was a great first visit.

  • Alexis
    Feb 10

    I've been told by my dentist and my pediatrician that age 3 is normal. However, if you find a pediatric dentist you like then you can take them as early as you want. Unfortunately the closest pediatric dentist to us is an hour away. I have read though that it's a good idea to take your child with you to your appointments a few times before they have to go themselves. It gives them the opportunity to experience all the sights and sounds without having to be the one in the chair. I'm thinking of trying that with my 2 year old before taking him for his first appointment next year.

  • Josh
    Feb 11

    We took our 2 year old to our dentist where she watched both of us get our teeth cleaned then she had hers done. It was a good experience. Taking her didn’t seem necessary from a standpoint of dental hygiene so much as building trust at the dentist office so she feels comfortable in the years to come.