Depo side effects

Is anyone on the Depo shot or have been? My son was just born in June and I wanted a bc that I didn’t have to worry about taking everyday and I didn’t want anything implanted in me so I gave the depo a try. My doc said that I should do pretty well with the depo (because I was always on the mini pill beforehand and I never had a problem with it) because the depo and mini pill have same hormones. The beginning of November I got my first shot. The whole month went great, no side effects no period and same with the month of December. About 2 weeks ago (mid January) I got my period. And I still have it. And along with it I have bad cramps. And I’m extremely bloated! It’s driving me crazy! I know that sometimes it takes a few months before my body gets used to a new bc but I just don’t know if this is normal or not. Anytime I ever had my period it would last maybe 5 days, never 2 weeks and I would never feel bloated and cramping like this the whole time. I’m supposed to go this coming up Tuesday for my 2nd shot and I’m wondering if I should go through with it or maybe not get it. Any advice will help thank you!

  • Victoria
    Jan 24

    I bled for the whole 3 months with my first shot then it straighten out after the 2nd shot. My doctor said it’s common.

  • Alex
    Jan 25

    I was on the shot for years, as nice and convenient as it was, I experienced bone density loss from it, fractured my knee by just twisting wrong, like I said convenient but if it doesn't work for you dont continue.

  • Cindy
    Jan 26

    I had the shot 3 months ago and I won’t have it never again! Had the worst side effects!

  • Mona
    Jan 27

    I would never do it again Gained 35lbs in 3months and bled like crazy.

  • Traci
    Jan 27

    I bled for the first 3 months straight and after the 2nd shot my period became non-existent

  • Juliana
    Jan 30

    I bled all the time while on it. I also gained like 30 lbs plus my libido was nonexistent. It was the worst year and a half of my life. You’re also on a higher risk for osteoporosis.

  • Clare
    Jan 31

    i hated it. i was so moody, irritable, rage filled, and i had zero libido.

  • Cryzana
    Feb 11

    I usually waited about a year after having my baby before going back to DepoShot. However, I had similar symptoms with my 3rd baby when I started Depo earlier. I think if was because my hormones took longer to adjust because I was breastfeeding.