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My baby is nine months old and I’m starting to feel depressed I think I don’t want to do go out and do anything I don’t have an any interest in anything besides taking care of my kid and I was just wondering if postpartum depression could happen this late in the game

  • Anonymous
    Apr 30

    I’m not a doctor but I would say that post partum depression could happen anytime after giving birth. All of our bodies are different and react differently whether it’s physically emotionally, hormonally, etc. For myself, I’ve dealt with depression for most of my life with its ups and downs. Being pregnant I was worried about how I would be affected post partum but it actually has made me do some healthy introspection. I realize that my feelings of not wanting to go out or socialize if not due to my depression but because I am much more introverted than I ever imagined. I realized that I don’t need many of the things in my life that used to make me ‘happy’ - i.e. drinking, going to parties or bars, casual socializing, etc. I love just hanging out with my daughter (9m). When I have time to myself I have begun to read a lot more. I find a show to binge watch. I take a long shower to feel refreshed. Sometimes when I don’t want to cook at home we will go out to eat just the two of us on a mom and baby date. You are not wrong for not wanting to go out and not doing anything but care for your child - it’s your maternal instinct! Nor does that feeling mean anything may be ‘wrong’ with you. If you feel that you may be suffering though then please ask for help and talk to a doctor. There are so many resources out there that can help. Just know that you aren’t alone in feeling the way you feel and there are a lot of people out there to listen.

  • Lacie
    May 11

    Thank you