Reply to Anxious parents traveling by plane

I travel a lot with my daughter (she has been on 20 planes) I have my car seat in a check bag and check it with my luggage. I then check my stroller in the jetway but I’m always traveling alone with her so I need the stroller. I have wet wipes and I wipe down my seat, tray table, seat back in front of us, and the seat belt. I make sure I pack plenty of snacks, her favorite book, a go to favorite toy, a coloring pad, and one of her favorite night time items (her blanket). For pressure I just try to make sure she is drinking something or sucking on something (she likes sucking on her blanket) I have had 2 flights where her ears bothered her and it sucks but just holding them and telling them it’s ok works. I haven’t bought my child their own seat so she has always flown in my lap. My daughter also hates sitting still so once the drink cart goes by we walk and walk and walk up and down the plane. I used to feel like it was annoying to other passengers but my daughter fussing would be much more annoying. Just remember worst case scenario it is a few hours of hell and then it’s over. However the 2 times we flew with her dad the flights were much better. Y’all got this! (Sorry for the essay lol)