Reply to Sleep problem

Sounds like teething :( the first sets of teeth my son got that was sooooo him. Every single hour. Maybe try Motrin before bed? You may not see teeth actually erupting- but the most pain typically happens 1-2 weeks before a tooth even arrives! if it lasts longer than a week then maybe I’d say it’s something other than teething. Really look at her schedule! Is she sleeping too much during the day? Is she sleeping too little during the day? She should be taking 2 naps a day at this age. Also- make sure she gets 3-4 hours of awake time before laying her down for bed. Look at her food intake- she should be having 24+ oz of formula during the day in addition to some solids so she is not hungry at night. It’s such a hard balance to find but I remember around 6-8 months we reaaaaally had to play with his schedule and wake times/nap times to get it down- he was super sensitive to that- and he’s one and still is! I still reaaaaally watch his wake times or he’s out of whack!